The 10 key steps to keep your imports up to speed when the UK leaves the EU

The UK is leaving the EU, so the way the UK imports goods is changing. This video talks about the 10 key steps you’ll need to take to keep your imports up to speed. From where you can get expert advice and an EORI number, to classifying commodities with the right commodity code, to checking the value of the goods and if they are allowed in the country, to how to declare goods and paying the right duty and VAT. You can find further details on each of these steps and how you might be affected in the Step-by-step guide to importing. Search for ‘EU Exit partnership pack’ on GOV.UK today. Start preparing your business now.

Leaving the EU with a deal remains the UK’s top priority. This has not changed. The UK Government has accelerated no deal preparations to ensure the country is prepared for every eventuality. Businesses and citizens should ensure they are similarly prepared for EU Exit and visit for guidance.

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