TRADEBLOX Logistics Optimization
Building competitive supply chains,
without jeopardizing trade and customs requirements.

TRADEBLOX provides trade optimization solutions to different parties engaged in global trade & supply chain.

Our objective is to support in designing and building supply chains, that are efficient, compliant, competitive and forward looking.

We support your trade activities to:

  • Increase speed in your processes
  • Keep important data legacy readily available
  • Decrease costs
  • Maintain quality of data and process high (one data set input)

Talk to us about your trade and customs challenges

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We have established a solid network of local Customs experts who can support you in all your customs related matters.

Managed Services

TRADEBLOX focuses on managed services varying from proactive exception management, trade compliance desk, invoicing and suppliers management.


TRADEBLOX facilitates customers embarking global markets by acting as exporter or importer of records. We do this in various countries world-wide.

Make the journey more predictable

A great product is only great when it arrives within the parameters agreed. The service of rendering the product to the customer is just as important as the product itself.

Customer experience is the key driver of competitive supply chains. The data and intelligence of what could go wrong are nowadays often already available to us, but are only of value when we actively utilize this knowledge in our day to day management. We help our customers build predictable and competitive supply chains.

TRADEBLOX Supply Chain